The CodeBook blog is moving

New CodeBook International blogThe CodeBook International blog is now being managed on a new platform here. This site is no longer being updated.

Having tested the ‘blogosphere’ with a free, but basic site, we have decided to transfer our content and to continue to blog on what I hope you will find a more sophisticated and better-looking site.

All your comments and links from the first blog have been transferred, but you may need to update any bookmarks you have for this blog, and, if you use RSS, you may also need to amend your RSS subscription. We are also testing out a email subscription process, so if you requested email updates from the previous blog, you will need to re-subscribe.

Please have a look at the new blog. Our first new post concerns our first efforts at creating instructional videos about the CodeBook application, and the site includes links to our channels on YouTube and Vimeo. We have also updated our recent blog post about the Australian CodeBook User Group meeting, which took place on 28 August.


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