Welcome to the CodeBook blog

CodeBook International Ltd was incorporated in 1999, some six years after the first CodeBook application was released. Since 1999, the application has been deployed across an increasingly diverse range of markets. We showed what it could do on healthcare projects, and the potential of the software was soon recognised by designers, owners and managers working on other complex buildings, from airport terminals and education institutions to hotels and office developments.

We have prided ourselves on being at the cutting edge of the design and management of complex buildings, and we hope this blog will help us share some of our ideas and experiences, and provide another way for people to engage with us. Briefing, design, construction and operation of the built environment is changing fast – not least because of the explosion of interest in building information modelling (BIM) – and we believe we have both a powerful application to promote and a powerful story to tell.

We will be using this blog to give our perspective on industry developments, to update readers about key developments at CodeBook International and among our community of resellers, customers and end-users, and to share hints and tips about making best use of CodeBook. If you have any suggestions about subjects we should cover in the blog, please let us know (posts will also appear in the blog section of our new website).

Peter Mann


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